Additional Review 2

The Search by Nora Roberts

26 hour train trips lend lots of time for reading so I finished off a very long forgotten abandoned book. I started this book on our first trip to the USA where I took it from an airbnb book exchange shelf. I'm so glad to be finishing it off on another USA trip (this time from Austin to Tucson) 7 years later. There seems a certain symmetry in that.

Honestly there was a good reason this book was abandoned, it was just ... fine. Nothing wrong with it and well enough written, it has all the ingredients for a fun romantic thriller but:

  1. too much dog training
  2. the serial killer just wasn't scary
  3. she seemed to get too involved in the love story and seemed to forget at times that there even was a serial killer
  4. I didn't like the protagonist, she was annoying
  5. the dogs were too well behaved and had no personality
  6. everyone was so bloody polite to each other
  7. the sex scenes felt like I was intruding into their privacy

Readable enough I suppose. I liked the dogs 5/10

Staging Outcome: To a bookbox in Tucson!